Tristen has been drawn to the

wonder of words most of her life,

whether spinning them together

herself or feasting on novels spun

together by greater minds.  But

as she raised four kids, she also

spent an exorbitant amount of

cherished time reading children’s

books - so much so, that she found

herself writing stories of her own

as she and the children grew


This particular story was written during a very challenging time in her youngest daughter’s life.  Her complex little girl would fall into fits of angst and they would often struggle for hours trying to find their way out of them.  During one such battle they curled up together in exhaustion and she told her sweet girl to close her eyes and imagine floating right out of her body, letting go of all the foreboding that had settled there.  Together, they hover above the bed, in their minds’ eyes, and rose above the house and then the trees and up and up and up until they were resting with the stars and her little one was but a tiny fleck of light sparkling down on earth. The process magically enabled her daughter to see herself, outside herself, amidst a big wide world of wonder - shrinking her turmoil just enough for her to wrap her head around it and remember who she was and what she was worth - and allowing the alluding calm, they had labored so hard to harness, to wrap its healing warmth around their tangled hearts and as they floated back down to earth. From then on, when her daughter’s world became too big they would cuddle up together, take a deep breath and float away to find their bearings once again.​

​Sometimes we must lose site of ourselves in order to really see the brilliance we each hold inside.

As a parent, helping your child see their own light can be a challenge, but it is also a great honor.  We are all wonders in our own special way and it is her hope that this story will be one of the golden threads you can weave into your child’s worth as they grow along beside you, into a brilliance all their own.


Born and raised (and now raising her own), in Maple Valley, WA - Tristen’s most cherished pleasures are savoring the fleeting time she has with her now teeming teenagers, wandering into the wild with her hubs and capturing their adventures in her blog www.ourdirthpaths.  During the tamer hours of her days she still revels in the reading of picture books with a borrowed, brilliant 3-year-old, named Jack, and a wrangle of wondrous four and five-year-olds who call her Mrs. Tristen or simply, teacherJ

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