A Picture Book

for the Child Within Us All

The You That Is YOU takes children on a journey through the marvels of the world in a quest to find themselves.  Each page is spun together using small, brilliant strokes of light, each one building upon another, to create magnificent murals of the big wide world in which we all exist.


But in one little town full of schools, shops and steeples, in one little house were a family is sprinkled, we discover one of the world’s most magnificent treasures of all ~ YOU.  


Along with his sleepy pet turtle, the mighty Mr. Magoo, YOU dreams big and adds his own little strokes of genius to the pages of this treasured book – reminding us all that no matter how grand the world and all of its inhabitants may seem, nothing would be quite amazing or right if each of our lights was not shining bright.  


Using captivating scratch art as its artistic medium and rhythmic verses full of wonder and light, The You That Is YOU is a picture book that celebrates the treasures within us all.