Be Brilliant Finalists

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


We all have a light that we were created to shine. Each brilliant beam, so extraordinary and necessary and full of purpose. When dark times arise, our individual lights can gleam together and illuminate the world when it needs it most. The five wonders, hi-lighted below, were caught in the act of brilliance. Each of them, in their own special way, shined some much needed light in the midst of this world wide COVID upheaval. One of them will be gifted 100 dollars to further their brilliance. And that's where you come in:)

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May these bright lights inspire you to shine big and bold as well.


Khaley Audette saw a need amongst some some of our heroic first responders and responded with her own kind of brilliance, home brewing a big batch of hand sanitizer and donating it to the Issaquah PD.

Brooke Yount painted bundles of rocks with encouraging words and bright colors and scattered them along the now highly treaded Lk Wilderness Trail to delight little walkers along the way.

Hearts are popping up in windows all over Maple Valley, but Max went above and beyond and fabricated a heart that replicates the size of his own, making sure anyone passing by would know they are loved. Go big and stay home:)

Photographer by trade but brilliant in all aspects of her life, Jamiliah used what she had (determination, a lovely heart and dusty sewing machine) to piece together some much needed masks for the brave nurses and doctors working on the front lines of COVID19.

I am not even sure who to hi light here - as this little act of brilliance involved so many marvelous moving parts. But, Amy Heim was the mastermind behind it all. Rallying with the Girl Scouts and a community of do-gooders she not only supported a local business struggling to stay above water but also faught a battle of the hearts to feed the hard working fearless frontline.

Do as they have done - be brilliant.