Being Brave

Deciding to put my words to print feels a bit like jumping into an ocean, vast and deep and blue - and pretending I belong. It is wondrous sea, teaming with an endless array of magnificent words and writers and tales that were meant to be told. But as I stand at the edge and peer into this beautiful, bountiful world of wonder it feels like a place to get lost, rather than to be found. To sink rather than swim. The way is unknown and, at times, our chances of survival seem slim. And our ability to shine, even less hopeful. But, as long as we measure our worth by the world's standards I think we will always be small and insignificant - at least in our own minds, and most certainly, in our own hearts.

And I don't want my heart to be small in size or capacity.

So, I chose to believe this instead...

If my words delight just one precious soul, they were enough.

If my story shines its light into one dark space, it was necessary.

If my gift, no matter how small or simple or seemingly unexemplary, reminds another of their unquantifiable worth - it is worthy.

This story is as much for me and about me as it is for and about the precious humans in my life, and you and yours. It is for and about the child within us all. That eager little being, always lingering in our hearts, longing to leap into the deep and brilliant unknown - for the simple pleasure of doing something braver and bigger than ourselves.

For if I am courageous enough to plunge into this ocean - vast and deep and a blue - maybe just one little dreamer will believe they can too. And that is more than enough. Necessary even. Worth it all.

It turns out, I am a little afraid of heights and deep, mysterious waters. But that’s what it means to be brave. To jump even though you are afraid.

Be brave with me YOU - for I am certain there is a world out there that needs your light too.