Gentle Golden Whispers

We are all a part of a story being told. Our own as well as all the other precious lives we light upon.

Growing up in the same small town with ten years spread between us, Dani and I have lived stories apart for over half our lives. For years I was more apt to be her babysitter than her friend. But as fate would have it, long after I could have been paid to put her to bed, we both settled down, happily-ever-after-like, with two fine fellas and four kiddos each, eight houses apart, in the same neighborhood Dani was raised and that I rollicked around in with the friends of my youth.

So, at an age when age matters less, we finally found each other.

I had a few words tucked away that I had written for a children’s book so when I discovered Dani’s hands danced with strokes of artistic genius I tossed them her way in hopes that she could add some magic to them. A few months later she had etched YOU and his mighty Mr. Magoo into existence. And then, in time, what once were words tucked away in my heart, became pictures on a page for all the world to see.

A golden feather scratched into existence by this same little source of magic sits on the wall next to my writing desk. It reminds me that we are all gentle golden whispers of what might be.

Who knew that God would breath life into a precious soul when I was ten years old, and she would hold the keys to some rhythmic words stirring around in my heart. Dani’s etches make me believe in something bigger than myself. Something full of much more magic and light and love. Of a story, far grander than anything I could imagine, being woven together continuously. Even still.

The You That Is YOU is a story about being the brilliant creation you were made to be. And how we each bestow a light that needs to be shown. I needed Dani’s light, just as she needed mine. And just as this wide wondrous world needs the illumination burning in your own heart. Be brilliant. For you too are a gentle golden whisper of the grandest of things still yet to be.

- Tris